Jyotisha Level 1 Online Course Offering

 Dear Friends,

      I am pleased to be offering a Level 1, beginning course on Jyotisha – the traditional astrology of India. The course will go for 8 weeks and is scheduled to begin August 13th, 2017. Classes will be held on Sunday afternoons. Please click here to see the flyer for more details.

     Note that enrollment will be on a first come, first serve basis and I intend to keep the group size small so that there is plenty of opportunity for each class to be an interactive learning experience. However, if there is enough interest I will consider starting a 2nd group which would meet at a different time.

    For more information about Jyotisha, feel free to peruse the other sections of this website. I invite you to forward this information to anyone who you feel may be interested.

  Course enrollment can be via PayPal or check. If you would like to enroll, or have any questions about the course, you are welcome to contact me via email (Poornamurti108@gmail.com) or phone: (440)821-1560.

Very Best Wishes,
 Greg Stein

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