~The purpose of this site is to make available authentic tools from the Vedic tradition to promote health, harmony and personal growth for those who seek it.~


Vedic Astrology (Jyotisha) – The “Eyes of the Veda”.

Jyotisha is referred to as the “Eyes of the Veda”, and has played an important role within the Vedic tradition for thousands of years. It is traditionally used for the timing of important events and festivals. In addition, the birth chart allows us to see and understand patterns of destiny that would otherwise remain unseen. We are then able to align with reality in such a way that supports our journey of growth and unfoldment.

Sacred Chant – for Peace, Well-being and Connection to the Divine. 

Mantra chanting has an important role within the Vedic tradition. As a form of sacred sound, mantra can uplift and heal the mind, body and spirit. One way this can be practiced is through Kirtan – the call and response singing of mantras with musical accompaniment.


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