• Sanskrit Lessons: $50 / 1 hour session.
    • Learn proper pronunciation of Sanskrit words and mantras. Lessons will be tailored to work towards your individual goals.
    • Includes guidance on how to read and write in proper transliteration and/or devanāgarī script.
    • Weekly lessons are recommended, and can be in person or online if long-distance.
    • Excellent for anyone involved in Yoga, Āyurveda, Jyotiṣa or related disciplines. Honor the tradition with proper pronunciation!

  • Space Clearing / House Blessing: $65 / session.
    • Establish a positive, healing environment in your home or office.
    • Traditional mantras will be used to bless the space and clear out negative energies.
    • Incense or sage can be used in addition to the above as per your preference.
    • Sessions take approximately one hour.
    • At present these sessions are only available in or nearby Portland, OR.


“I have been in awe of Sanskrit ever since I heard it for the first time. Greg has been helping me immensely with my pronunciation. His love of the Vedic tradition allows me to connect deeply with this ancient language.”

– Thais F. 2020

“Studying Sanskrit with Greg has been a pleasure. He teaches in a relaxed manner, yet the student will surely learn accurate pronunciation and grasp the principles of Sanskrit efficiently. I have been able to make great progress with ease and feel rejuvenated after each lesson.”  

– Dan S. 2020