Initial Reading

1 Hour / $145

The initial reading will give you a basic overview of your birth chart, enhancing self-awareness and self-understanding. Any questions can also be addressed, regarding any area of life including health, relationships, career, finances, and spirituality.

Follow-up Readings

1 Hour / $108

After the initial reading, follow-ups are available as needed to dive deeper into any specific areas you would like to explore. Regular readings can be useful once or twice a year in order to look more deeply at current unfoldments.

Prashna – Horary Astrology


Praśna or Horary Astrology is used to shed light on any important questions which may arise in life. It is a method of “consulting the stars” to gain clarity on any particular matter at hand.

Muhūrta – Electional Astrology

$108 – $145*

Muhūrta or Electional Astrology is used to select an auspicious time to begin an important endeavor, in order to promote success and positivity. 

*The rate depends upon the type of Muhurta and its specific requirements.
Examples: Selecting a favorable time for marriage, travel, starting a business, fundraising, or for the timing of any important event.

Relationship Reading

1 Hour / $145
Jyotisha is a powerful tool to promote understanding and cultivate harmony in our relationships. Any type of relationship can be addressed including romantic, work, social or family relationships.
*For a relationship reading, the birth data for both people is required.

Locational Astrology

$108 – $145*

Astrocartography can help us understand the favorability of any particular location on Earth. It is useful for either deciding on a place to live, or for travel. 


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