The Tājika Lunar Calendar

“Designed to make the art of good astrological
timing accessible to all.”
The Tājika Lunar Calendar, based mainly on principles that have their origins in Arabic Astrology, is a simple tool which allows anyone to quickly select favorable times to begin endeavors of minor importance. Pease see the User’s Guide for more information.

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Quarterly Subscription

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If some of a quarter has already passed, it is recommended to select the

“month by month” option (see below) for the remainder of that quarter.


January – March on December 1st.
April – June on March 1st.
July – September on June 1st.
October – December on September 1st.
$22.00 every 3 months


The Tājika Lunar Calendar has been described as ‘stunning’, ‘brilliant’ and ‘innovative’ by other astrologers.

Month by Month

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