It is a blessing to receive guidance and teachings within the context of living traditions which have their roots firmly planted in the ancient knowledge of India. I offer my humble thanks and gratitude to my teachers, as well as those who came before them, within both the Yogic & Jyotisha traditions.

Yogic Tradition


Swami Niranjananandaswami-niranjanananda

I first met Swami Niranjan in 2006 while on a trip to India. Through his guidance over the years I feel I have learned an incredible amount about myself and life in general. His positivity, strength, and practicality have always been an inspiration to me. 

Swami Satyananda

I had the privilege and blessing to meet Swami Swami SatyanandaSatyananda, Swami Niranjan’s teacher, also in 2006. It was at his ashram in India that I witnessed the generosity and vision of a true saint and spiritual master come to fruition in the transformation of the surrounding villages from a state of poverty towards a state of contentment and abundance.

Swami Sivananda

Swami Sivananda
Although I was not able to meet Swami Sivananda, Swami Satyananda’s predecessor, in this lifetime I feel a deep gratitude for his instrumental role in the preservation and dissemination of authentic yogic teachings. He emphasized the essential unity underlying all of the worlds’ true spiritual traditions, teaching that ultimately there is only one religion – the religion of Love.

Jyotisha Tradition

Penny Farrow

Penny FarrowI first got in touch with Penny in early 2014, after she was recommended to me by her teacher, the venerable Hart deFouw. It was in February of that year that we embarked on an incredible journey of learning the ancient art, science, and language of Jyotisha.

In her teaching, Penny lends a clarity and structure to time-tested and reliable Jyotisha techniques in such a way that is both creative and inspiring. I truly feel that I have learned something valuable in each and every lesson or class. 

I would also like to offer my deep-felt thanks and homage to Hart deFouw, and his teacher Krishan Mantri, for their dedication and commitment to the preservation of ancient and authentic Jyotisha tradition.

                   Krishan Mantri & Hart deFouw