The Practical Use of Jyotisha in Daily Life

By Greg Stein (Poornamurti)

1. Jātaka – Natal chart analysis.

This can be used to enhance self-awareness and self-understanding. By understanding the birth chart, one can understand the otherwise unseen karmic influences which are unfolding. With this knowledge, the ideal is that one can better align with their higher purpose. Any area of life can be examined using the natal chart including health, relationships, career, finances and spirituality.

This branch of Jyotiṣa also includes relationship analysis and compatibility. This can be used to understand the relationship dynamics between any two people. Examples include romantic partnerships as well as work, family or social relationships.

2. Praśna – Horary Astrology.

This limb of Jyotiṣa is useful for answering questions – and can be done without the natal chart. Typically a chart is cast the moment the question is presented to the astrologer. The chart of that moment is then used to gain insight regarding the answer of the question. Examples: “Should I buy the house?”, or “Should I take the new job offer?”

3. Muhūrta – Electional Astrology.

Muhūrta is the selection of a favorable time to commence an important activity. The planetary configuration at the time something is begun becomes like the “birth chart” of that activity.

This can be thought of as a way to align and harmonize our endeavors with the greater cosmic forces. Some common uses of muhūrta include beginning a journey, marriage, starting a business, or holding any important event.

“…But one thing is very clear, that is, whether the muhūrta is selected by the person or imposed on him by destiny, it always reflects the fate of any activity commencing in that muhūrta.” – (Muhūrta, K. K. Joshi, p. 176)


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