• Initial Reading  – 1 Hour / $145

The initial reading will give you a basic overview of your birth chart as a way to enhance self-awareness and self-understanding, as well as address any questions you might have. Any area of life can be explored including health, relationships, career, finances, and spirituality.

A unique feature of Jyotisha that we will also look at are your “Daśā” or Planetary periods. These are “chapters” in life which show how the potentials indicated in the chart unfold over time.

Remedial Measures: As a part of any reading, remedial measures can be suggested or explored in order to promote balance and harmony in life. This may include the use of specific colors, meditations, gemstones or lifestyle recommendations.

  • Follow-up Readings 1 Hour$108

After the initial reading, follow-ups are available as needed to dive deeper into various facets of your birth chart. Regular readings can be useful once or twice a year in order to look more deeply at current unfoldments.

  • PraśnaHorary Astrology / $108

Praśna or Horary Astrology is used to address important questions. In this one hour session, multiple questions regarding practically any areas of life can be addressed.

Examples: Should I buy the house? Should I accept this new job offer?

  • MuhūrtaElectional Astrology / $108 – $145*

Muhūrta or Electional Astrology is used to select an auspicious time to begin an important endeavor, in order to promote success and positivity. *The rate depends upon the type of Muhurta and its specific requirements.

Examples: Selecting a favorable time for marriage, travel, starting a business, fundraising, or for the timing of any important event.

  • Relationship Dynamics/Compatibility 1 Hour / $145

Jyotisha is a powerful tool to promote understanding and cultivate harmony in our relationships. Any type of relationship can be addressed including romantic, work, social or family relationships.

         *For a relationship reading, the birth data for both people is required.

For any of the above services,

please contact me with:

The date, time and location of your birth, as well as your full name. Please ensure that the birth time is as accurate as possible. Lastly, send any areas of focus or questions you wish to address.

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Greg Stein (Poornamurti) has received training in Ayurvedic Astrology through the American Institute of Vedic Studies (, and has studied under the guidance of Penny Farrow (, in the Jyotisha tradition of Hart DeFouw, since early 2014.