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Current offerings:

  • Jyotisha (Vedic Astrology) – Natal chart readings, relationship readings, and muhūrta (electional astrology). Consultations are available either in person (in Portland, OR) or long-distance via Zoom, Skype or phone.
  • Study Jyotisha and/or Sanskrit – Private tutoring is available for those who wish to learn Jyotisha or to chant, read and write Sanskrit. Lessons may be in person or online. Contact me here for more details.

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An Upcoming Class Series

Greetings to all!

I am looking forward to offering a new 3-class series of value to both astrologers and non-astrologers. No previous knowledge is required.

It is called “Why is the East the East and the West the West?”

In the course, we will explore ancient mysteries concerning important cycles of time relative to our Mother Earth which are simple yet understood by very few in our modern era. Come away with knowledge which will be practically useful in your life, enabling you to create greater harmony by aligning with natural rhythms.

Classes will be 1 hour long, and held on Zoom for 3 consecutive Saturdays beginning May 29th, 2021 @ 8AM PT.

See the attached flyer for more information.

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Jupiter moves into Aquarius April 5th, 2021

When considering transits in Vedic Astrology, those of the slow-moving planets are generally the most important. The transits of Saturn, Jupiter and the Nodal Axis (Rahu & Ketu) in particular indicate more significant, long-term trends. So when any of these planets are about to move into a new constellation, it is significant news astrologically. 

At present this is especially the case with Jupiter, who has been in Capricorn – his sign of debilitation – for most of the past year.

Jupiter went into Capricorn March 29th, 2020, then “took a break” from his journey through this constellation when he went back to Sagittarius from June 29 until November 20 of 2020 due to his retrograde cycle. So for about the last 4 months, Jupiter has been back in Capricorn where he is devoid of strength. Note the correlation between Jupiter’s time in Capricorn with the outbreak of the COVID pandemic. This transit has been one of the astrological factors indicating a challenging year world-wide. 

So the wonderful news is that on April 5th, 2021 – less than two weeks from now – Jupiter will leave Capricorn and begin his journey through Aquarius. Jupiter’s retrograde cycle will bring him back to Capricorn again later this year, but only briefly from September 14th until November 20th 2021. 

So, what does all this mean for us down here on Earth? Jupiter is much stronger in Aquarius than in Capricorn, and that is a very good thing – for Jupiter represents all that is positive and beneficent. Jupiter is called the great benefic in astrology. So in brief it looks like we are soon to come to the light at the end of the tunnel in some way. This can show up not only collectively, but also on the individual level in more specific ways according to what transiting Jupiter may activate within the context of an individual birth chart. 

For this reason, from now until the end of April mini-readings are available to look at this transit of Jupiter, and what it means for you. My hope is that understanding what is being activated in your chart can help you to make the most of this time in your life. 

30 minutes via phone or Zoom; $45. 

The Three Gunas

Namaste to all!

On this auspicious day of Shivaratri I would like to share a new article on the three gunas, or qualities of nature:

As always, Vedic Astrology consultations are available either by phone, Zoom or in person in the vacinity of Portland, Oregon.

With spring right around the corner, wishing everyone a time of renewal and fresh inspiration. In many traditions, the beginning spring is considered the beginning of a new year.

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Salutations to the Wild & Beautiful

Greetings everyone – I hope that this finds you well, and that you are navigating these unusual times with skill and creativity.

For my monthly post, I present to you something a bit different – a short article which I consider one of my more vulnerable and provocative little projects. I hope you enjoy it and would love to hear your thoughts on the matter if you are so inclined.

Until next time – be well!

Adversity – A Blessing in Disguise

Good evening everyone!

I hope that you are all doing well, adapting to the present unique circumstances as best you can. Here is a short article, sharing some of my thoughts:

This time of “retreat” from our normal activities is an excellent opportunity to reflect and check in with our “inner compass”.

I’d like to mention, regarding Jyotisha readings, my policy at this time is “pay what you can”. I realize present circumstances have their financial implications.

My normal rates are listed in the ‘services’ section.

If a reading is of interest, I would much rather make good use of this time and gratefully receive whatever works for you, with no worries & no strain please.

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The Vedic Chart: A Karmic Road Map

Many refer to Karma frequently, yet did you know that according to Indian Philosophy there are four distinct types?

The Vedic Birth Chart is said to be a map of Karma. Understanding how the natural law of cause and effect operates can be empowering because it encourages us to take responsibility for our own life and happiness.

Lessons From the Nine Planets

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been reflecting on the symbology of the Nine Planets in Vedic Astrology, and the lessons they can teach us. Here is a short video on the topic.

Please feel free to let me know if there are other topics about Vedic Astrology which you would like to learn more about! I’d be happy to make more short videos or blog posts to share.

Saturn Soon to Enter Capricorn

On January 23rd, Saturn will move into Sidereal Capricorn. This is quite significant because Saturn remains in any particular constellation for about 2.5 years. So it is a good time for an astrology update. It can help one to understand and align with what the new transit may bring forward.

For this reason, in January and February 2020 I’ve decided to offer mini-readings on a donation basis. The readings will focus specifically on this transit. They will be 20 minutes or so, suggested donation is $20 or $25.

Or – if you have a different Vedic Astrologer you already consult with, now’s a good time to ‘check in’.